Healing Rain Counselling

A therapeutic space to heal, grow and become 

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Life is tough, and sometimes it's difficult to navigate. Healing Rain Counselling is here to walk with you through the storms of life to find healing and hope in your journey. Like the rain creates the conditions where life can begin and grow, so too can you find growth and healing in our therapeutic environment. 


Children & Youth

Working from a developmental perspective and incorporating play therapy and other exploratory methods, supports the mental and emotional growth of children and youth in one-on-one sessions. Collaboration with caregivers is highly beneficial to the process. 


Counselling for multiple members of a family. Build connection, increase understanding, and change the patterns in your relationships to build a stronger foundation on which to grow. 


Be seen, accepted and heard in a non-judgmental, person-centered environment. Through self-compassion, discover your authentic self, find relief from past traumas and become more confident in who you are and what you want in life. 

Renae Calder MHDC, CCC

My passion is helping and supporting children, youth, families and individuals in navigating the challenges of life. I believe all people have the capacity to find healing and discover hope when given the opportunity and tools to uncover what already exist inside of them - the power to change and grow. In a therapeutic environment of trust and safety, together we will navigate your journey towards healing, growing, and becoming. 

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